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Our Story...


BRIDGES became a dream when Scott and Tonie realized 85% of the Blue Water Area had no spiritual connection.  What was needed was a different kind of church.  A place where people of all walks, backgrounds, and races would feel welcome in an authentic life-changing way.  Instead of the traditional model of church, what if church could be done differently?


The Bible says, "In the beginning, God created".  What if his church was filled with creativity, fun, humor, and passion?  What if the orientation of the church was about those outside the walls, not those inside?  That vision prompted the mantra, Belong, Believe, Become.


We longed to create an environment where people could encounter God without expectations from those around them.  It was to be a place where the truth of God's word was primary, and the love of his kids was prevalent. 

A place anyone could Belong.

A place expressing the Truth, where people come to Believe.

A place where the power of God's Spirit drives transformation, not the rules and regulations of a man-made dogma.  God takes care of the Become.


That place is BRIDGES, a part of the Wesleyan tradition.

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